Service Cover Plan

Boiler Annual Service

Pre-payment plan options

Protect the life of your Boiler and Guarantee with Highly Efficient Heating

What our service consists of:

  • Gas meter inspection and test for leaks
  • Boiler internal visual inspection for gas or water leaks and general condition
  • Gas pipework inspection
  • Gas pipework tested
  • Boiler flue external inspection
  • Condensate trap cleaned and seal inspected (A&B rated condensing boilers only)
  • flue integrity test + flue inspection
  • Door / panel seal test
  • Controls inspected and test for function ability (Room stat/programmer/s)
  • Benchmark document fully completed
  • Fan pressure test (negative pressure test)
  • High and low boiler performance Check and recorded
  • Case inspected
  • air gas mixture test
  • Expansion vessel checked
  • Check ventilation
  • Gas meter inspected
  • Earthbonding check
  • Electric safety check (fuse spur size)
  • System water health check
  • Inhibitor check
  • Bonus check – efficiency % check to compare each subsequent years recorded results by Highly Efficient Heating

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