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EasyControl Smart Thermostat

Upgrade your existing Bosch boiler to the new EasyControl smart thermostat

As the nights begin to draw in and winter gets closer, there is no better time to think about upgrading your heating system. And if you have a Bosch boiler, there is no simpler, or more cost-effective way to do this than with the new Bosch EasyControl heating and hot water thermostat.

Heating systems have moved forward significantly in recent years, offering users greater control by enabling them to adjust their heating digitally from any location and offering temperature control over each individual room in the home. However, purchasing a new heating system can be costly and is often only something that customers would only do when it is absolutely necessary.

However, there is good news for owners of existing Bosch heating systems. The new Bosch EasyControl thermostat offers all of this functionality but can be retrofitted to any existing Bosch boiler for a fraction of the cost of a new heating system.

The system is controlled by a sleek, modern unit which is available in black or white and features an ambient light that shows exactly what your heating is doing at a glance. The EasyControl thermostats allow you to control the temperature in each individual room of your home to give maximum comfort and ensure you don’t waste energy and money heating unused rooms unnecessarily. What’s more, the thermostat automatically turns down the heating when you’re no longer at home and detects when you’re returning, bringing the heating back up to your desired temperature.

The EasyControl app provides you with easy to understand information about your gas consumption for heating and hot water and shows you how efficient your heating programmes are so you can adjust them to the optimum level, reducing your carbon emissions and energy bills.

If you have a Bosch boiler, why not contact us today to find out if you could upgrade your existing system to give you more control over how you heat your home and reduce your energy bills, and all for a fraction of the cost of a new boiler.