Bringing Honeywell’s innovation and efficiency to your home

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Raising the standard
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Bringing Honeywell’s innovation and efficiency to your home

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Highly Efficient Heating is delighted to announce that it is now an accredited installer for Honeywell, the UK’s leading supplier of domestic heating products and a global leader in heating controls for over 125 years.

We can now bring Honeywell’s innovative and award-winning products to your home, all installed by our highly skilled and experienced team of heating engineers.

Honeywell’s thermostats are designed to provide you with the best in comfort, energy and health solutions, and their signature products have been the subject of the highest plaudits within the industry.

The evohome heating control and the Lyric T6 programmable thermostat are just two examples of Honeywell products that could revolutionise how you heat your home, and bring down the price of your energy bills. In fact, they offer such energy efficiency that you could make your money back in cost savings after just 18 months!



The evohome heating control is a sophisticated system that allows you to have more control over your home’s heating and energy consumption by enabling you to individually control the temperature in each room - from anywhere in your home.

By only heating where you need to when you need to, evohome reduces energy consumption without reducing comfort. Upgrading your basic timer and thermostat control to evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on your heating bills.

The system works by ‘zoning’ your home, allowing you to heat areas as and when you use them and giving you complete control.

The wireless radiator controllers allow for easy installation that does not require disruption to pipes or décor, and the touchscreen control and remote access via smartphone or tablet offer simplicity and accessibility.

evohome was recently named Smart Product of the Year by the Energy Awards, which marked out the product for its accessibility and ability to deliver energy efficiency.


Lyric T6

Honeywell’s newest thermostat, the Lyric T6, was designed with consumer comfort in mind.

This innovative thermostat adapts to your schedule, using your smartphone location to determine when you’re home or away. Saving energy when you're away and ensuring the temperature is just right when you return.

The energy efficient heating control has a touchscreen display, smart energy saving features and Wi-Fi enabled connectivity and it can be managed remotely via the Lyric app using a tablet or smartphone. It works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo to take care of your home comforts and keep your home connected, now and in the future.

Designed for modern life, the Lyric T6 provides flexible temperature controls with pre-configured and customised scheduling, made to adapt to dynamic and unpredictable lifestyles.

To find out more about the Honeywell range and what would work best for your home, get in touch with a member of our team today.